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Our goal is to provide high quality service, custom tailored to each and every one of our clients unique needs. We currently offer services in buying, selling, leasing, and managing your properties plus we have trusted contacts that can help you renovate, restore, or rebuild your home. Still, our strongest asset will always be our dedication to each client, a philosophy that will probably prevent us from ever being the #1 selling agent or the most recognizable face on a bus bench advertisement. Our mission is simple: Always place quality of service as top priority, even if it means we serve fewer clients. –Bob and Todd Foust

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3 Myths About Estates After a Divorce

what happens to the house in a divorce?

  —What really happens to the house in a divorce?     The 2016 divorce rate in the United States is 40-50%.   This statistic is not meant to startle.   It’s there to show you that you’re not alone if you happen to be dealing with a divorce right now.   Please know there’s support, […]


Is It Required for All the Decedent’s Property to Go Through Probate?—4 Instances You Don’t Need the Probate Process

is it required for all decedent's property to go through probate

When you do decide to go through the probate process, you most likely have a lot of questions, one of them being: Is it necessary for all of your loved one’s property to go through the probate process? Not in some cases. In these 4 instances, you actually don’t need the probate process:     […]


11 Common Misconceptions About Home Staging—(Why Sellers Secretly Love It!)

common misconceptions about home staging

Let’s cut to the chase. You’re selling your house. You have a list of things you need to do in preparing for the renovations, open houses, the move. All of a sudden your real estate agent suggests home staging. You gasp…inside. One more thing to do, one more cost, you just want to sell this […]


So What Exactly is Probate?—3 Crucial Things You Should Know about the Probate Process

what is probate

  At some point in our lives, we will need to sort through a loved one’s possessions and go over his/her will (if they have one) after the passing. And our sons, daughters, and close confidants will one day have to undergo the same task with us. Depending on the will or a lack of […]


5 Ultimate, Deciding Factors Between a Master Certified Negotiation Expert and Certified Negotiation Expert

master certified negotiation expert

Now you know more about real estate agents certified in negotiation, let’s discuss the differences between a Master Certified Negotiation Expert and a Certified Negotiation Expert. And more importantly, how knowing these differences could save you thousands of dollars. We are talking ultimate, deciding factors here! In case you forgot, a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) […]