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Our goal is to provide high quality service, custom tailored to each and every one of our clients unique needs. We currently offer services in buying, selling, leasing, and managing your properties plus we have trusted contacts that can help you renovate, restore, or rebuild your home. Still, our strongest asset will always be our dedication to each client, a philosophy that will probably prevent us from ever being the #1 selling agent or the most recognizable face on a bus bench advertisement. Our mission is simple: Always place quality of service as top priority, even if it means we serve fewer clients. –Bob and Todd Foust

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How to Sell Your Home Fast (with Social Media!)

how to sell your home fast

  As the graph shows (below), the percentage of American adults using social media has consistently risen within the decade, spanning from 2005-2015.         Please note this even includes American adults who don’t normally use the internet (as indicated by the light, greyish-blue line).   (If you’re interested about this study, go […]


3 Tips to Use (That Actually Work!) When Screening Prospective Tenants

screen prospective tenants

As of now, there’s approximately 110,877,000 renters and 22,777,000 landlords in the United States.   Wow. Just to clarify: that’s a lot.   The growth rate is increasing. Every day across the U.S.  2,654 new renters sign the leases to their rental properties. And every day, 554 men and women throughout the U.S. make the decision to become […]


5 Cheap Curb Appeal Ideas On A Budget

cheap curb appeal ideas on a budget

With the holidays around the corner and spring to come soon after (mid-March-mid-April is the best time to sell according to Zillow research, it’s coming time to spruce up your home and boost that curb appeal up.   Don’t believe us? Look at these before-and-after curb appeal transformation pics.   Now that you’ve checked out HGTV’s […]


Top 4 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Real Estate Divorce Specialist

real estate agent who specializes in divorce

  “At the time when you’re going through the most difficult time of your life — … they call divorce worse than death — to have someone that’s there for you and assists you and makes you feel like they’re here to help you in every step of the way with selling your house, it’s […]


3 Myths About Estates After a Divorce

what happens to the house in a divorce?

  —What really happens to the house in a divorce?     The 2016 divorce rate in the United States is 40-50%.   This statistic is not meant to startle.   It’s there to show you that you’re not alone if you happen to be dealing with a divorce right now.   Please know there’s support, […]